Yaseer & Zahra Meet the Heroes of Karbala

$ 15.00

It's the first day of the new year of Islamic calendar. Zahra is upset she can't celebrate the new Year like her friends do with a party and nice clothes. Instead she has to wear black clothes and go the Mosque every night. Yaseer is excited for the can't wait to go to Mosque every night so he can play with his friends. Their Grandfather sees the sadness in Zahra's eyes and takes Zahra and Yaseer on an unforgettaable journey. Join Yaseer, Zahra and their grandfather as they travel back in time to the lands of Madina, Ghadeer-e-Khum, Shaam, Kufa and Karbala to meet the Heros of Karbala. Please note that the proceed of this book is set to go the Orphans of Iraq Insha'Allah.

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