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A Search Regarding the Holy Prophet’s Sermons on the Farewell Hajj and an Exegesis of the Qur’anic Verses Indicating the Incident of Ghadir Khumm. More than 120 mutawatir reports are available on the Event of Ghadir al Khumm. Yet, questions of its validity and authenticity are still being raised and answered. This book is an in-depth discussion of incontrovertible proof of this historic and religious Event at which Imam Ali ibni Abi Talib AS was formally, publicly and categorically designated immediate successor of Prophet Muhammad SAWW. This discussion cites and responds to misleading translations of verses of The Qur’an, fabricated ahadith and misrepresented historical events. It elucidates verses on Ghadir and uses sources from both Shi’a and Sunni works to proof beyond any iota of doubt the veracity and authenticity of Ghadir and The Prophet SAWW’s nomination of Imam Ali AS to succeed him when he departs the world.