The Tragedy Of Karbala - 1992 Edition - By Sayed Mohsin Naquvi [P/B]

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A short narrative of the tragedy as seen by the author.

Some reviews: "This is the sort of work that Muslims need in this country. One thing that bothers me in this connection, is what form of distribution we can organize. This sort of books are in short supply and we need to distribute them widely." --- T.B. Irving, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA ; ....... "Mohsin Naquvi's The Tragedy Of Karbala is a lucid and objective account of one of the most formative events in world history, both on a moral and a spiritual plane, namely, the martyrdom of Husayn, the grandson of the Prophet of Islam. The present work is a valuable addition to the literature in this field as it combines devotion with detachment and simplicity with sensitivity. It is written for those young people who are living in the West, and who do not possess the milieu which could bring to them quiet naturally the heritage of Karbala and its relevance today. One of the excellent features of the book is that its diction and vocabulary are shaped by the requirement of children" --- Prof. Hasan Askari, Selly Oak College, Birmingham, England