The Ways of Enlightened (Majalis-e-Turabi)

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As a unique Zakir e Hussain A.S, Allama Rashid Turabi needs no introduction. Not only he was a matchless orator, but was also a first-rate researcher, a broad-minded Scholar of Theology and an eloquent Poet. Mirza Mahdi Pooya, one of the most respected Exegetes of the Quran, was his contemporary and a great admirer of Allama. Allama Turabi was a pioneer in selecting specific topics and announcing the titles of his addresses from the pulpit of the Majlis. In a short span of time, he used to present a brief inventory of Quranic verses relevant to his topic and supplement his expounding with ample quotations from Imams of Ahlul Bayt, especially from the Sermons of Imam Ali A.S. This work is volume 2 of Majalis-e-Turabi, the sequel to the first volume of the English translation of lectures and covers eighteen speeches of the late Allamah Turabi. Many of these lectures were broadcast from Radio Pakistan and his objective was to give a message to the Nation within a sort of span of time. These titles include the code of conduct for true servants of Allah. For example, Sajdah, Yaqeen, Tasleem, Raza-e-Rab, Taqwa, Sabr and many more. Allama goes on to draw heavily from the brilliant passages from Nahjul Balagha, and also quoting spontaneously from the poetry of Allamah Iqbal in the passing. They are from the most popular speeches of Allama Turabi proving his great talent in providing his audience with maximum knowledge in minimum time.