The Truth about the Shia Athna Ashari Faith

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The Palestinian author, a truth-seeking Sunni revert to Shi'a faith, dispels the myths and allegations held by Sunnis against Shi’a beliefs, tenets and practices with an open mind. He quotes his Sunni teacher saying: “The Shi’a Ithna-asheri/Ja’fari are closest to the Sunnis and are Muslims.” In five chapters, he picks up issues raised by Sunnis and refutes the allegations by proof from The Qur’an and Sunni ahadith. He begins with the question of Imamah, The author has not only shown the veracity of Imamah from The Qur’an and The Prophet SAWW’s ahadith, but has also dealt with Sunni methods of shura (Abu Bakr at Saqifa), appointment (Umar and Uthman) and forcible seizure of power (Mua’wiyah et al) to conclude that the only legitimate claim to leadership of the ummah after The Prophet SAWW is that of the divinely designated Twelve Aimmah AS from the real Ahlul Bait AS whom The Prophet SAWW named individually. Herein, he discusses Sunni allegation that since Fatima AS did not swear fealty to Abu Bakr, she, according to ahadith from Bukhari and Muslim et al, died (God Forbid) the death of jahiliyyah. The author proves from these vary Sunni ahadith books that Fatima AS did the right thing not to swear fealty to Abu Bakr and his ilk that included murderers Fatima was “part of The Prophet SAWW”; thus her action of refusing fealty to Abu Bakr and forbidding him and Umar to join her funeral prayers or burial accords with The Prophet’s teachings. The veracity of Imam Ali AS’ immediate caliphate after The Prophet SAWW as well as the conspiracies against The Imam AS during his public caliphate is discussed. The “Reconciliation Treaty” between Imam Hassan AS and Mu’awiyah (we prefer to call it cease-fire) and the Imam’s instigated murder as well as the sordid event of Karbala plotted and executed find mention here. The author questions the equitability of the sahaba in their dealings. Chapter three looks at the Shi’a and The Qur’an. The misguided allegation against the Shi’a possessing a different Qur’an is rendered ridiculous and light is shed on Aisha’s and Al-Khattab’s claim of The Qur’an undergoing alteration culled from The Sahihayn of Bukhari and Muslim and from Sunan Ibn Maja! In the chapter dealing with The Prophet SAWW’s Sunnah to which both the Shi’a and the Sunni adhere, the author takes to task Abu Hurayra’s numerous ahadith and Bukhari’s Sahih. Bukhari relates that The Prophet SAWW said that one would be able to see The Lord as one sees the full moon. Aisha’s hadith quoted by the same Bukhari shows how The Prophet SAWW refuted the suggestion that he (The Prophet SAWW) saw The Lord physically. Other examples of manufactured ahadith quoted in the Sahah are also cited. The final chapter is devoted to the issues of Mut’ah of marriage and the hajj that Umar, despite the sanctions of The Qur’an and The Prophet SAWW, declared illegal on the pain of punishment. The book appropriately ends with a discussion on The Awaited Imam, Hadhrat Hujjah AFS.