The Sacred Effusion, A two volume set, P/B

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Reflections on Ziyarate "Ashura" of Sayyid Al Shuhada Al Huayn Ibn Ali (a.s) Paperback. This seminal work is a beacon for the seeker to seek the Sacred and Divine. With such an insight the book guides us to understand how Ziyarate Ashura can be a potent antidote to reawaken our hearts to the real purpose of our existence and not remain a mere habitual or ritual recitation. The first volume covers the opening lines of this poignant salutation to the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (sawa) the master of all martyrs. It highlighted his lineage and emphasized his unique status as one of God's proofs, over His creation. The second volume continues with the salutation, now covering the verses that invoke God's wrath on the oppressors of Imam Al Husayn (a.s)