THE ROLE OF 'A'ishah IN THE HISTORY OF ISLAM (2 VOL SET I & II) by Allama Murtaza Askari

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This book (A P/B edition) is in a set of two volumes, comprising ‘Ai’shah’s behavior 1. When she came into The Prophet SAWW’s household. 2. When she rebelled against a rightful caliph (Imam Ali Ibne Abitalib A.S) and her death during Mu’awiyah. Each volume reveals intriguing and eye-opening facts about ‘A’ishah. Allamah Askari ‘s accounts are drawn from sources that are usually favorably disposed to ‘A’ishah and Mu’awiyah. So, he has applied objectivity and analysis in this illuminating account. Allamah Askari has also provided extensive footnotes explaining terms and illustrating incidents and giving references. Allamah Askari is known for his thorough research. Thus he introduces ‘A’ishah on the basis of historical records and ahadith , both praise and criticisms hinged on facts. The truth speaks for itself. Volume 1: ‘A’ishah’s life in The Prophet SAWW’s house reveals a woman who is short-tempered, harsh-tongued and intensely jealous, even spying on The Prophet SAWW. For example, she is so jealous of other wives. Her tongue-lashing against Hadhrat Khadija AS annoys The Prophet SAWW. Volume 2 covers ‘A’ishah’s rebellion against the Rightful Caliph, Imam Ali AS, and how she spilled the blood of innocent Muslims at the battle of Jamal. This volume also sheds light on Umm Salmah’s famous letter reminding her of The Prophet SAWW’s warning and the barking of the dogs of Abwa and her disloyalty to The Prophet SAWW’s teachings and admonitions. Volume 3 exposes Mu’awiyah and his rule of corruption, rebellion and deceit, while providing the background to his life during The Prophet SAWW’s days, his conduct with Imam Ali AS and his real motive for seeking a Cease-Fire (hudna) with Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba AS.. ‘A’ishah’s generosity is also cited but her motive is suspected. She was also a good orator and managed to beguile even Mu’awiyah. Anyone who seeks to know the truth about “Humayra”, as The Prophet SAWW addressed her, should read these three volumes from cover to cover.