The Rising of Al-Husayn (A.S)

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The book is a pioneering attempt to study the rising of Imam Husayn A.S and its impact on the popular consciousness.It is considered one of the most riginal works on the subject, an originality which the author himself indicates in his own preface. The book, translated from its original Arabic, serves to create awareness among the non-Muslims about the eternal quality of Al-Husayn A.S revolution and the understanding of its social circumstances and its influence on men. It unveils the secret of lasting nature of this pioneering revolution which despite the passing of thirteen centuries still keeps alive the crucial position which it had on the day it took place. The author surveys the literary and religious sources from the earliest period down to modern times in order to show how the rising and martyrdom of Al-Husayn has affected the spiritual life of Shii Muslims. P/B Printed at U.K