The Prohibition of Recording the Hadith, Causes and effects

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A glance at the Methodologies and Principles of the Two Muslim Schools of Hadith. This book connects the past to the present, the history to the jurisprudence, the herigtage to the ideology, and the attitude to the doctrine. It acquaints the reader with the role of the ruling authorities in reversing the criteria and in originating the princiles. It also informs the reader about the confusables of the Islamic legislation and the value of the reported beritage from the Hadiths of the two major groups of Islam.The book answers all the questions pertaing to the authenticity, or otherwise, of all of the Ahadith mentioned in the books of these two major groups, and makes clear the role of the recording of the Hadith and the role of those who carried out this mission, as well as the reasons beyond the contradictions between the reports of those who applied and supported the prohibition of recording the Hadith and the reports of those who reported and recorded the Hadith in the fields of the Muslim jurisprudence, history and heritage. Also the book gives details about so many affairs appretained to the Fiqh ( jurisprudence) of the Sahabah, the Muslim jurisprudential trends all over history , and the motives beyond each trend. Finally this book will answer the question " What is the true criterion of the narrations in the view of all the Muslim sects?" H/B pgs. 600