The Political and Moral Vision of Islam

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This short treatise is a modest attempt to present three selections from the Nahj Al-Balagha, a collection of sermons, sayings and documents of Ali Bin Abitalib (a.s) one of the closest disciples of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a) Two selections focused on the "Conduct of Rule in Islam" provide a view of the Islamic conception of justice and governance, while the third "Morality and Conduct of Life in Islam" provides an Islamic perspective on the importance of spiritual and ethical values in our materialistic world. The author gives a general outline of the relationship of religion to the state and a look at the major issues which comprise the core of all political philosophies. This gives the reader an opportunity to examine Islamic political philosophy as explained by Ali bin Abitalib and a comparison with political philosophies before and after his lifetime. Ali's place and position in early Islam and the question of the authenticity of the Nahj Al-Balagha are discussed in detail.