The Origin of Shiite Islam & its Principles

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A very basic and popular book by the great writer on the fundamentals of Shiism, which explains on the matters where there is no room for disagreement between different schools of thought. The main theme and purpose behind this book was that all Muslims individually and collectively, may know the real beliefs of the Shias and by refraining from attributing false beliefs to their brothers, may not do injustice to themselves. Rather than considering Shiahs as evil spirits, demons, jinn, beasts and monsters, they should regard them as a special branch of their society, since by the grace of God the Shias of Imam Ali a.s are adorned with a true Islamic character, knowledge of and belief in the Holy Quran and Sunnah, blessings of faith, and kind manners, and live accordingt to principles which are based on reasoning and certain proffs.