The Holy Qur'an [Hard Cover] S. V. Mir Ahmed Ali with Pooya's Tafsir.

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Translated by Mir A. Ali, Tafseer, Mirza M. Pooya. One of the few and most comprehensive and detailed commentaries on the Quran, as understood in the light of the Prophet SAWA hadith of two weighty heritage: The Quran and the Itrah. An outstanding feature unique to this version of the Quran is its 170-page introduction. This enlightens the reader on the most concerning and current issue of terrorism, condemns violence and social injustice, explains the spirit of a peaceful jihad, and mandates respect for women in an Islamic society. It outlines an economic structure fair both to rich and poor, and demands an enlightened system of jurisprudence, which recognizes the rights of freedom and liberty. The introduction also provides the opportunity to learn about daily Islamic prayers, traditions and observances such as pilgrimage known as Hajj, the spiritual significance of fasting in the month of Ramadan, the mandatory charity known as Zakat, the celebration of Eid, as well as several other Islamic events. This edition of the Quran carries in its unique way, the message of God's mercy, and comes at a very opportune moment in our history, which requires of us to come together as one nation under God, living in a world at peace.