The Glad Tidings of Mustafa for the Shia of Murtaza

$ 28.00

The book is a collection of over 590 Ahadith, whose sources are amongst the most widely recognized, accepted and authentic in the Shia world. The Ahadith are powerful and well documented in terms of chain of narrators, references and explanatory footnotes and reveal the status of Shia, the rewards and the honor that Allah swt has prepared for them in the highest levels of Paradise, and the status of the Holy Imams in Allah's eyes. The author was motivated to write this book when he saw that ‘a large number of people gave themselves the title “Shia” without respecting this title or being aware of its rights.’ The Shia possess a great honor and treasure that need to be cherished, protected and preserved. The Original book is in Arabic entilted " BISHARATUL MUSTAFA LE SHIATUL MURTAZA" and translated by Sayyid Mohsen Hosseini Milani in English. The book carries the most authentic Ahadith from the most trusted scholars. H/B Pgs. 473

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