The Conception of Sahaba's Ultimate Decency and the Political Authority in Islam.

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This well-documented book, has been authored by a Sunni author. The book provides an insight into the deviations that crept into the body politics of Islam. the Prophet SAWW was breathing his last and conspiracies had already begun to work. The author argues that the ideal system of Divine rule established by The Prophet SAWW was deliberately undermined and corrupted, tearing The Prophet SAWW's people asunder in fictious descord and causing its collapse and split into diferent nation-state. Thus the book begins with a critical look at the concept of the Sahaba from the Sunni and Shia viewpoints and attempts made at whitewashing the misdeeds and the fabrications of narrations about Sahaba. He proceeds with the Islamic Understanding of Authority, Divine versus demos, and concludes the book with a discerning look at Political Authority in Islam, ominously peroration. H/B Pg. 350