The Chosen Religion & Denial of Favors (Majalis-e-Turabi)

$ 18.00

This is the first volume of the lectures of Allama Rashid Turabi, the outstanding and gifted orator, and a great scholar of sub-continent. who dedicated his life towards the study of true religion of Islam, based on the teachings of Quran and the Holy Ahlul Bayt A.S. The fluent recitation followed by a detailed expounding of the verses shows his amazing ability.This devotee of Ahlul Bayt was one of the best Zakir-e-Hussayn A.S , sub-contenent India and Pakistan has ever seen. This volume is translated from his Urdu speeches originally recorded on audio tapes more than 3 decades ago, and contains the translations of his ten famous speeches on DEEN-E-MURTAZA ( The Chosen Religion )and other ten on KUFRAN-E-NIAMAT ( Denial of Favors ). He was an orator remarkable in lucidity, adept in taking the audience step by step along with him and commanding constant interest and attention from them. In spite of his high status in learning-in a true spirit of humility -he used to urge his listeners to draw their own conclusions and build up a structure of their own ideas.

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