The Battle of Camel, when Muslims killed Muslims for the first time by Yasin Al-Jabouri

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The Battle of Bassorah, Battle of the Camel, or Battle of Jamal was a battle that took place at Basra, Iraq in 655 C.E. between forces allied to Imam Ali (a.s) and the forces of rebel Arabs allied to Bibi Aisha who opposed Ali's status as Caliph on the baseless ground that he had not tried to find out who was responsible for his predecessor's murder. This was the first major civil war in Islam. This unfortunate episode represents fitna (civil disorder) led by Muhammad's (s.a.w.a) widow, Aisha. The rebellion failed and Aisha lost the battle. After the battle where thousands of Muslims were killed for the attainment of the worldly whims of Aisha's camp, she was still posed as a revered figure in the opposition camp against Imam Ali (a.s) P/B pgs. 480