Tawheed Al-Mufadhdhal

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In this book, Mufadhdhal, who is a well-known companion of Imam Al-Sadiq A.S, is recounting how an agnostic Ibn Abul Awja disputed the existence of God and how the Imam Al-Sadiq AS taught him to argue out the existence of God and Oneness of God (Tauheed) in the manner exhorted by The Qur’an, sans acrimony and aggravation that ibn Abul Awja were The Prophet SAWW’s and Imam Al-Sadiq’s ways of debating. Mufadhdhal had four sittings with The Imam AS, whose erudition, knowledge and wisdom is legendary and the theological and principles he expounded have been acclaimed by non-Muslims also. In this discussion the variety of topics, and the rationale behind God’s creation of every form of life and the various aspects of human and animal life is simply amazing. Ibn Abul Awja was an agnostic but an intelligent, thinking one and when the truth dawned upon him, he saw the fallacy of atheism.