Supplications of Amir Al-Mominin (Kumayl, Sabah, Mashloul)

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A small beautiful and handy presentation with golden edge in Hard back. The book is 3.64x6.92 inches in size and can easily be carried in pocket or a briefcase. It is a compilation of 3 famous supplications from Amir Al-Momineen Imam Ali Ibne Abitalib A.S known as DUA AS-SABAH, DUAE-E-KUMAIL AND DUA AL-MASHLOOL. Each of the duas have their own importance and is recommended to be recited on different occasions. The page on right hand side contains the Arabic text, while the page on left hand side contains its English translation for better understanding of those who are not very familiar with Arbic language. Translated by Willam C. Chittick and published from London UK.