Shiism in Sunniism

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The revelation of the verse of the completion of religion after The Prophet SAWW instituted imamah at Ghadeer al Khum should have left no doubt in anyone’s mind that The Prophet SAWW’s could only continue in the person of Aimmah AS from his Itrah attached to The Book. Yet, ere The Prophet SAWW closed his eyes, dissenters manifested themselves openly and abandoned The Prophet SAWW’s teachings. As a result the ummah disintegrated into sects. Yet, Original Islam, Shiism, protected and propagated The Prophet SAWW’s teachings and practices of wudhu, adhaan, salaat, etc. The author also shows how tathwib (saying Assalatu Khayrun minnanawm” is a later-day innovation into adhaan, replacing the original Hayya Alaa Khayril Amal.P/B