Shia Origin and Faith

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The history of Shia Faith has been the history of blood and tears. On intellectual level Shia Faith has been misunderstood and misconstured. In this book the great Shia scholar has rightly enunciated the Faith in the jafarite jurisprudence by publishing his renowned book "Aslush Shia wa Usuloha" in Arabic. By the might of his powerful pen and by analytical approach, he tore asunder the screen of superstitions that had over shadowed the true complexion of Shia Beliefs and presented to the Muslims in general the Shia Faith in its original purity. The book is aimed at convincing all the ranks of the Muslims that the Shia ne er considered Imam Ali A.S as to be an incarnate of Allah swt. Or to be more suited and entitled to the Prophethood than the Holy Prophet himself. It is further to prove that the Shias were not at all guilty of introducing innovations in Islam or of tempering with the text of Holy Quran. The book is also a source of guidance for the followers of Ahlul Bayt. As regards the Muslims in general it will serve as a powerful medium of understanding and conciliation between the two great sects of Islam. P/B pg 248

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