Shara'i Al-Islam, vol.1 (Fi Masaile Halal wal Haram)

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The book’s compiler “ Muhaqiq-e- Hilli” is one of the renowned Imami Ulama and a notable erudite of Islamic jurisprudence. This book is in fact is a source for Fiqhi Studies and a research work according to the school of Ahlul Bayt a.s. The book verily has its lofty status among the Islamic books and from the time it appeared many Shuruh ( expositions) and Hawashi ( margins) have been written about it, the reflecting its profundity, profusion, precision, and universality. Despite the prolongation of time and remoteness of epoch, still this book maintains its exceptional position in the theological schools ( Hawzat al-Iliyyah) through teaching, explanation and verification. The book is in four volumes. The first volume deals with Ibadaat and is divided into 10 chapters i.e Kitab Al- Taharah, ( cleanliness), Kitab Al-Salat, Kitab Al-Zakat, Kitab Al-Khums, Kitab Al-Sawn ( Fasting), Kitab Al-I’itikaf, Kitab Al-Hajj, Kitab Al-Umra, Kitab Al-Jihad, and Kitab Al-Amr bil Maroof and Nahi un al-Munkir. H/B pgs. 295 The second volume deals with Ma’aamilaat ( dealings) and is divided into 17 chapters i.e Kitab Al-Tijarah, Kitab Al-Rahn(Mortgage), Kitab Al-Mufallas ( bankruptcy) Kitab Al-Hajr (Legal disability), Kitab Al-Daman(Liability), Kitab Al-Mudhariba( Speculation), Kitab Al-Muzara’ah, Kitab Al-Musqaat, Kitab Al-Wadi’ah( The deposite), Kitab Al-Ariyah ( Simple Loan) Kitab Al-Ijarah( Hire or rent), Kitab Al-Wakalah( Deputation), Kitab Al-Waqt, Kitab Al-Sadaqat(Charities), Kiab Al-Sukna wal Habs, Kitab Al-Wasaya( Will and bequest), Kiab Al-Nikah, H/B pgs. 318