SELECTED SUR'AS from THE HOLY QUR'AN with color coded. With Free Interactive CD

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An attractive, colorful, hardbound, 68 page book. The collection of 42 suras begins with Al-Fatihah and includes several oft-recited suras and the whole of Part 30 (Juz Amma). The suras are color-coded, transliterated and translated so that the rules explained at the beginning of the book are easy to identify and follow as well as understand the meanings of what is being said. An added bonus is a brief introduction to The Prophet SAWW's for children from his birth to the first revelation of The Qur'an forty years later. However, calls for some caution. Certain statements in this introduction such as “Recognition of the Divine nature of the call he received involved a change in his whole mental outlook sufficiently disturbing...” that Khadijah, his wife “tried the spirit”, which “came to him and proved it to be good....” and “he at length accepted the tremendous task imposed upon him.” are not true for The Prophet was born a prophet and he knew his mission in life. The elevation was his cue to declare himself to the public. There is also a description of virtues of reciting The Qur'an and for each sura a description of merits of reciting that particular sura and the rewards attained. And the compiler has added Du'a that are recited before and after reciting The Qur'an that makes reciting the Qur'an such a rewarding experience. It is a great learning tool for children and adults too.