Salman El-Farsi (Salman the Persian) [P/B] by Sayed A. A. Razwy

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A biography of the closest companion of the prophet Mohammad SAWA , which manifests his devotional character, truth, and sublimity to the Prophet of Islam to the extent that the Holy Prophet SAWA honored him to be from his Ahlul- Bayt. The one who made a rich and compelling contribution to the story of religious perception and experience of all mankind. To know about his personified obedience to Allah is incumbent on every lover of Islamic knowledge.

Salman al-Farsi This is a story of a seeker of Truth, the story of Salman the Persian, gleaned, to begin with, from his own words: I grew up in the town of Isfahan in Persia in the village of Jayyan. My father was the Dihqan or chief of the village. He was the richest person there and had the biggest house. Since I was a child my father loved me, more than he loved any other. As time went by his love for me became so strong and overpowering that he feared to lose me or have anything happen to me. So he kept me at home, a veritable prisoner, in the same way that young girls were kept. I became devoted to the Magian religion so much so that I attained the position of custodian of the fire which we worshipped. My duty was to see that the flames of the fire remained burning and that it did not go out for a single hour, day or night.