Revised Power of Prayers

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A collection of Du’a (Supplications) and A'amaal,for every occasion of the year as well as daily supplications. The book is prefaced with a lucid explanation of the benefit of supplications (Du’a), The Du’a (Supplications) and A’amaal (Acts) recommended in the collection must be accompanied by some pre-requisites including fulfillment of one’s obligations to one’s family and mankind. The author has shown these pre-requisites quoting The Qur’an, The Prophet SAWW and Aimmah AS’ guidance. This is a useful manual wholly in English. Verses from The Qur’an have been transliterated and so have the various Du’a so that anyone who is not able to read Arabic will benefit greatly from this collection of selected Du’a and A’amaal. The author has also cited 83 benefits of reciting Suratul Yaseen, the heart of The Qur’an. P/B Pgs. 262