Prophets of God and the Nations of World in light of Torah, Zabu

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( ARRIVING SOON) In her Foreword, the author says she has drawn stories of prophets fromThe Quran and authentic ahadith from The Ahlul Bayt and Nahjul Balagha. She has sifted through the stories in The Torah, Zabur and Injiil (The Bible) and culled authentic narrations that befit the dignity of the prophets of ALLAH SWT. In the Preface spanning pp.xiv-xli, she has outlined the first, second, third, fourth and fifth Shari'a with references from the various scriptures and faith traditions, providing a wealth of diverse information in one place. She has undertaken painstaking research in names, places and events and woven together absorbing details of the lives and missions of the holy personages sent by ALLAH SWT to guide us towards His Path. The author has pointed out contradictions and fallacies in various accounts in the Torah and Books of the Bible and set the record straight with references from The Quran. A case in point is the fiction surrounding Joseph the carpenter whom the Christians believe was Mary's spouse. Biblical accounts swing to and fro, while The Quran makes no mention of him and shows Mary as a truly pure, virginal mother of Jesus. The author acknowledges Allamah Majlisi's HAYATUL QULOOB that narrates the lives of prophets but points out that Allamah has included both reliable and unreliable ahadith. She has separated the wheat from the chaff, as it were, and presented readable, reliable and rationalized stories since her criteria is to accept ahadith that conform with The Quran and "throw against the wall" ahadith that contradict The Pursuant. A second volume is in the offing and both these should be on everyone's shelf. H/B pgs. 605

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