Namaz, the Road to Success H/B

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Another beautiful, attractive and colorful publication. The book with Arabic text, English translation and transliteration, is a very novel way of bringing various types of Namaz ( Salat ) under one umbrella. An attempt is made to make available the different Namaz from authentic and reliable Shia books. These Namaz ( Salat ) pertain to and are of practical application to all the sections of our society. This matter is clearly evident from the index of the book. Some of the heads under which the Namaz have been collected are Namaz of the Infallibles (A.S) Namaz offered as a gift to the Infallibles (A.S) Namaz for repayment of debts, Namaz concerning marriage, Namaz for having a child, Namaz at the time of pregnancy. Namaz to attain relief from difficulties and troubles, Namaz offered as gift to the parents, Namaz for increase in sustenance and livelihood, Namaz for increase in memory power, Namaz for seeking forgiveness, Namaz for attaining wealth and honor, Namaz for seeking help from Allah swt. and the Infalalibles ( A.S) Namaz for businessmen, Namaz-e-Nafilah, Namaz for prosperity and safety of the deceased in the night of their burial, Namaz at the time of journey, Namaz for protection from the enemies and the oppressors, Namaz for the various times of the day, Namaz for the various days of the week, Namaz-e-Tahajjud, Namaz of the oppressed, Namaz at the time of needs, and necessities, Namaz for attaining prosperity in the shop, and so on and so forth, The virtues for these namaz have also been mentioned. Needless to say, this a very useful help for the solution of all your problems and your attaining prosperity in this world and in Hereafter.