Mujtaba magazine, Issue 94

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MUJTABA Monthly Magazine. Published by Islamic Sisters’ Network (ABISN) and Imam Ali Foundation, Qum, Iran. MUJTABA is a monthly magazine that began in Jamadiul Ula 1422 ( 2001 ). It is indeed an amazing magazine.MUJTABA is really amazing in more than one way. MUJTABA is amazing for its clear, concise and color format and presentation. It is amazing in the variety of its content: short, succinct, interesting and educative articles, cartoons and brain-teasers. It is amazing in that in about 25 pages, it covers a wide range of subjects that teach, entertain, challenge and educate. The contents range from Lessons from The Qur’an e.g. The Protection of Quraysh, Islamic behavioral norms such as Patience as the key to relief, The reward of good deeds, Islamic history recounting, for example, Mukhtar’s Uprising and hunting down the killers of Imam Husayn AS, Brief Biography of our Aimmah AS as well as of Sahaba like Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, brain-teasers and competitions and story in cartoons that amuse and instruct. MUJTABA is amazing as its contents are never out of date, stale or dull. Rather, each issue is refreshing and new and is a good reference work for the future. Thus, one can bind the volumes together and shelve them to read and re-read them. They are good for teachers in the Madaris too for therein they can find ready-made lessons for the day. MUJTABA is primarily for the youths; but, it is equally useful, entertaining and informative for adult men and women also. Its twenty-five pages are worth every printed character. Parents can use this resource to reinforce teaching of genuine Islam and make their offspring truly behave as Muslims from whose hands and tongue everyone else is safe as the School of Ahlulbayt teaches us to. MUJTABA is a Learn and Fun magazine. The fun is represented by the cartoons that demonstrate useful traits to learn for good citizenry and humanity.