Misconceptions about caliph's caliphate

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The Caliphate in Islam originally designated as Divine representation through appointment by the prophet SAWA was diverted upon the prophet SAWA's demise and altered to suit politico-dynastic whims. The resultant incumbency of Divine Office rendered it as a tool for consumption of religion, means of amassing wealth, suppressing piety and sincerity and causing untold damage to the Islamic Ummah . In this book the author has made an attempt to examine the salient features made out in the book Izalatul Khifa’an Khilafatil Khilafah, which was written by Shah Walyiullah Dehlawi. With regard to Shah Walyullah’s views on the qualifications and modes of appointment of caliphs it has been shown with extreme clarity and reasoned arguments that they cannot stand any test of arguments and reasoning and that the author has made an attempt to let the people accept everyone as lawful caliph whether he got to that position by manipulation, strategy, force or any other fair or foul means. P/B