Miracles of Ziyaarat-e-Aashoora

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A highly authentic and powerful ziarah of Imam Hussain (a.s) which is usually recited on the 10th day of Muharram, when Imam Hussain (a.s) and his faithful comrades were sinlessly slained in the desert of Karbala in 61 A.H. It is significantly recommended to be recited on every important day of the year. The book carries the actual Ziarah of Ashoora and Ziarate Warith in Arabic text, English translation and transliteration making easy to be recited for those who are not very familiar with Arabic. The text is supported by the traditions, merits of Ziarah of Ashoora, its excellence, etiquettes, virtues and some incidents of the great Shia scholars who have regularly recited this Ziarah. A beautiful illustrated presentation on art paper in 5X7 and easy to carry. H/B pgs. 133