Logic for Islamic Rules(Religious Questions Answered)

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Crafted on the pattern of a well-known tome by Sheikh Saduq (AR) entitled ILALUL SHARAIH, this book by two well-known Maraji’i translated into English gives a glimpse of the philosophy and rationale behind the rulings of the Shari’a for those who are wont to ask “why?” The Prefatory Matter sets the tone of the book, explaining that Islamic law permits or forbids things because of their beneficial or harmful effects respectively. The every first issue the authors tackle is whether asking question about the rationale of Islamic Laws is allowed or not? The answer they give is that intellectual curiosity is encouraged in Islam and is the gateway to knowledge. This points out the fact that our Aimmah AS when asked questions answered them rationally to educate people and the answers we have today so the questions cited show that Islam is a progressive religion of the literate and the inquisitive, not mere blind belief. The questions posed in the book range over a vast array of subjects each of which the subject of a book in itself. These two erudite scholars have, however, endeavored to answer them briefly so that the fundamental philosophies governing these rulings are easily comprehended. For example, they have delved within half a page into the question of the use of plural pronoun WE/US when Allah The Almighty SWT speaks in The Qur’an and so forth. This readable book should stimulate the inquiring mind and help understand and appreciate Islamic Rulings as expounded by the “custodians of Knowledge”, The Progeny of The Prophet SAWW.