Kitab Al-Mumin

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The writer is one of the most authentic and trustworthy traditionalist lived through the 3rdcentury Hijra during the period of Imam Raza AS and successive infallible Imams. Kitab Al-Mu’min is one of his 30 writings, where in he collected over200 Hadith narrated by the purified Ahlul Bayt AS on the qualities and rights of a Believer ( Mu’min) . Turstworthiness of the writer in narrating the Ahadith is to the extent that the top traditionalist of the post Imamate era rely on his narrations andunanimouly describe him as the most trustworty traditionalist. The book carries 201 traditions manifesting the qualites of a Mumin, his afflictions and tribulations. The book has also other traditions that will light up the path for the wayfarer and illumine the heart. Arabic text and its English translation together with relevent refrences from the books of Ahadith is also given in the foot notes.