Jesus through the Qur'an and Shiite Narrations

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The author of the book is contemporary of Sheikh Sadooq, who passed away in 321 A.H. Jesus, the son of Mary S.A. has always been revered and held in high esteem among Christians and Muslims, but there are differences as well as common points. Those who are familiar with the character of Christ, whether Muslim or Christian, will find many such points by reading this book. Prior to the publication of this collecton, the valuable book of TARIF KHALIDI, The Muslim Jesus, Sayings and stories in Islamic literature, has introduced Jesus as understood mostly through narrations found in the collections of Sunni Muslims. Today, the present book, Jesus through Shiite Narrations, introduces Jesus from the perspective of the Imams of the Household of the Prophet S.A.W.A. H/B Pgs. 406