Islamuna ( Our Islam )

$ 12.00

This wonderful work is by a leading Lebanese Sunni scholar, who shows an extraordinary affinity and sympathy towards Shi’ite Islam and presents a brief and somewhat sketchy survey of how the differences rose, but then settles down to the subject on which the author is an outstanding expert, Islamic Laws. He, in an interesting way sets out the sources of Islamic law , laying emphasis on the methods and rules for the use of reasoning (Ijtehaad) to establish individual laws. The author gives a penetrating and useful account of the Shi’i doctrines on Taqiyyah, Mut’a marriage, divorce, and inheritace. In this analysis he shows how there had been many misundestanding of Shi’ite interpretations and also how advantagious to society some of the Shi’ite interpretations of these laws are.

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