Islam and Christianity

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A comprehensive study of two religions. The book is an excellent comparison between the Quran and the Bilble, in an unbiased, critical and intellectual manner. The study reveals to the reader the great contradictions and the facts behind the proclaimed holiness of the Bible.The author in his critical study of the book, pinpoints the blasphamous text of the Bible against the Prophets, its degrading and unethical teachings about women, unethical teachings and motivation towards the unlawful sex. The common ignorance about the text of the present day Bible, has caused the majority of Christians not to recognize the truth about Bible and its fairy tales, superstitions, and contradictions. The abusive text about God, accusation of the Prophets and rightous men of adultory, and idol-worshipping, sexual and pronographic tales and flirtation therein has proved it beyond doubt that present day Bible is a fabricated man made document. Every one who wishes to know the truth behind the Bible, must necessarily read this book.