ILM - In Search of the Divine Knowledge 1.0

$ 69.99

This Search & Browse Software is a "must-have" to gain comprehensive understanding of the Holy Quran, the religion of Islam & the Ahlul-Bayt. The easy-to-use user interface provides unique features, such as ability to change themes, bookmarks, advanced search engine, including phonetic search, and to display selective information relating to each chapter of the Holy Quran. And, most importantly, it displays text in both Arabic and English transliteration together with English translation and English commentaries with Audio capability all displayed in one screen. The embedded Personal Notes Editor is ideal for writing and saving notes intended for research purposes. All text is exportable and printer friendly. This easy to use software comes with the following features: Full Arabic Script Arabic Quran Recitation English Transliteration English Translation by Yusuf Ali & M.H.Shakir English Commentaries by Pooya/Ali, Ayt. Shirazi & Al-Mizan Comprehensive Indexing, Phonetic Search Function Search by Surahs, Translation, Commentaries, etc Dedicated Tabs for Ease of Use Selected Duas (English Translation & Transliteration) Arabic Recitation of Duas Ziyarats, Aamaals & Salaats Notable Events in Islamic History Fiqh (Ayt. Khoie & Ayt. Sistani) Biographies of the Fourteen Maasumeen The Complete Nahj-ul-Balagha Thirty Most Popular Books on Quran, Islam & Ahlul-bayt Personal Notes Editor (Ideal for Research Purposes) Printer Friendly Texts, Power Point Compatible Fully Exportable to Any Text Editor Bookmarks, Modifiable Themes

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