IHTIJAJ (Argumentation) by Abu Mansur Ahmad bin Ali bin Abi-Talib Tabarsi

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Translator: Seyyed Amir Hussein Sarkeshikian

In the introduction of the book, al-Tabrisi writes: "What made me to write such a book, was that some Shi'a have desisted from argument and debate with the opponents of Shi'a and say 'we are not allowed to do this, because the Prophet and the Imams never debated and argued and did not allow Shi'a to do so' therefore, I decided to collect the arguments of great Shi'a figures against their opponents in the roots and branches of the religion." In the following, he mentions that the prohibition of Imams (a) form arguing and debating only meant those who are weak in defending the religion and Shi'a beliefs, not those eminent and strong one in proving the right and refuting the wrong. H/B