Guideline for Writing the Biography of the Messenger

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This is the 3rd volume of translations of the discourses by Allama Rashid Turabi, the great speaker and khatib from the sub-continent, which deals with the way the biographies of the Prophet of Islam have been commonly written. Allama says the life of the par-excellent Prophet is not but the life of Intellect and Knowledge. Therefore the biography can be entitled as the “Life of Intellect and Knowledge”.As such if the biography of the Prophet has to be written, then its first chapter is his Luminary Quiddity( essence or Nooraniyat). The most important guideline that the Quran provides is the best data and the finest statistics. The Quran is Muhammad s.a.w.a. and Muhamamd s.a.w.a. is Quran. The Quran was manifested in the form of his deeds and practices. That in a nutshell, is nothing but the Sunnah of Rasul and the biography is the name given to an account of his deeds or actions. Therefore issues involving biography are inseparable from the subject of the Sunnah or practices. Allama Rashid Turabi says “ we do not care whether it is Sahih Muslim or Sahih Bukhari, we will not pay regard for any book of whatever sect if it records something about the Messenger. which run contrary to the Quran. A worth reading book. P/B Pgs.181