God and god of Science by Syed Hasan Raza Jafri

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Does God exist? If yes, then why can’t we see Him? If we can’t see him then how can we be sure of His existence? If God exists, then why did He create the universe and what is the purpose and goal of my life? If God is all powerful, then how can we have free will? If we don’t have free will then how can He hold us responsible for our actions? There is so much suffering and evil in this world that a merciful and powerful God seems improbable. These and many other similar questions cross our minds at least at some point in our life. Some say that in this era, science can explain how the universe came into existence and how life evolved on earth, giving science the status of an idol and rendering believe in a Creator unnecessary. Science gives us facts and we should follow reason rather than revelation. We can be good to others without a need to follow a particular religion. Moreover, there are many religions and people generally follow the religion of their upbringing. How can one religion be better than others, or else it will be unfair to the rest? In “God and god of science” debut author, syed hasan raza jafri presents a world view based on monotheism and attempts to answer some of these challenging questions. Drawing from revelation, philosophy, mysticism and modern scientific knowledge, Dr. Jafri synthesizes a world view that is bound to challenge your perspective about the reality of existence. This book will change your understanding not only about your life but also about yourself. Learn more at www.thegodandscience.com