Fundamentals of Islam, according to Quran, as repr

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The book deals with the roots of religion, i.e. Tauhid, adl, Nabuwwah, Imamah, and Qiyamat, and shows how the Quran and the Ahlul Bayt A.S are inseperable in conveying the real truth of Islam. Each of these aspects of a Muslim's belief are drawn from Quran that accord with how they were transmitted to us by the grardians of the Quran i.e. The Holy Ahlul Bayt. The concept of the ascensions of the Holy Prophet SAWW, the Prophet Issa A.S , the verse of Purfication, ( 33:33 ) Imamah, wilayah and Shahadah, Ghadir Al-Khum, among others, generally misunderstood by Muslims are illucidated with clearity of thought.P/B Pgs. 184