Divine Manifestations (concerning the secrets of the Perfecting Sciences)

$ 45.00

Mulla Sadra in this work addresses the most gripping topics in Islamic theology in a thoroughly thought-provoking manner. The work represents Mulla Sadra's ultimate metaphysical perspective;interwoven with his innovative Qur'anic interpretation and is replete with commentary on, and indirect criticism of, the orthodox theology of his day. Combining both scriptural and philosophical reasoning, he discusses the existence of God, His attributes, His acts, the Resurrection, and the nature of the non-material worlds. Mulla Sadra was the principal figure of the major revival of philosophy in Iran in 16th and 17th centuries. He is perhaps the single most important and influential philosopher in the Muslim world over the past 400 years. He authored over forty works including his magnum opus, the seminal "AL-AFSAR" in nine volumes; a Qur'anic commentary; and a critical commentary on the Shi'a collection of Hadith, USUL AL-KAFI

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