Dictionary of the Holy Quran ( Arabic-English)

$ 20.00

The Dictonary contains the Real, Classical, and Root Meaning of all the Quranic words. All root-words of the Holy Quran with their derivatives have been included in it. Efforts have been made to highlight various shades of meaning. The etymology, the function, and wherever applicable the abbreviations are also given from the most authentic sources, with explanatory notes, grammatical comments, and examples in phrase and poetry. The dictionary will inform and inspire the reader in understanding The Holy Quran. Here are some of the Classical Dictionaries, which were used in compling the great work. " Al-Mufradat Fi Gharib Al- Quran", " Lisan Al-Arab", Taj Al-Arus", " The Arabic English Lexicon" . A Must for all Home-Libraries and Schools.

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