Descriptive Index of Quranic Subjects

$ 60.00

An easy Approach to locate and understand the subjects of The Quran. A very informative, reference material that helps understand The Quranic message. This 1116 page tome arranges Quranic themes and topics in three ways: Subject-wise, alphabetical-wise and verse-wise. The subjects are arranged according to Aqaid (Tawheed, Adl, Nubuwwah, Imamah and Qiyamah) wherein the general headings are further split into discrete topics which are indexed according to the page numbers where they are cited. For examples The Asmaa’ul Husnaa are spread over page 168-177. The verses in which they appear are cited in their English translations. The alphabetical index makes it easy to locate a topic by its headword and research it. The verse-index is a very handy tool for cross-referencing and associating verses that relate to a particular topic. H/B pgs. 1116

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