Breaking the Idols of Ignorance

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This work marks the meeting point of three different traditions of the Shi'i-Islamic thought:philosophical, maystical, and theological. In this book, Mullah sadra masterfully analyses the creed of false mystics and those groups of philosophers whom he named as disgraceful impious sophistcs.The work deals with the most crucial issues of metaphysics, encompassing ontology, cosmology, epistemology, psychology and spiritual wayfaring, the attributes of the Pious, and some homiletic advice. It stresses the the importance of virtue and spiritual exercises on the true Sufi path while presenting Mulla Sadra's own metaphysical commentary inspired by the Holy Qur'an. Sadr Al-Din, known as Mulla Sadra (1571-1640), is the principal figure of the major revival of philosophy in Iran in the sexteenth and seventeenth centuries. He is perhaps the single most important and influential philosopher in the Muslim world for the last four hundred years. He authored over forty works including his magnum opus, the semeinal Al-Asfar in nine volumes, the Qur'anic commentary and a critical commentary on the Shi'i hadith collection, "Al-Usul Al-Kafi"P/B U.K edition

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