An Introduction to the Glorious Quran

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Though the Holy Quran, the scripture of the Islamic religion was first translated in English in 1649 by Alexander Ross, but still it remains a close text to most of the English readers. A person comming to this scripture for the first time, sincerely desires to penetrate its meaning to see how it influences the ordinary believer and his life, and how it penetrates the deepest layers of a Muslim conscience. This work marks a significant effort to give just such an introduction. The author has concentrated on a single exposition of the way in which the Quran presents itself in its own terms. Whoever is begining to read the Quran in English, will be able to use this work to understand how the book is not an impennetrable text, but a living guide for the life of an ordinary Muslim. The author, in an straightforward manner communicates his own deeply committed reflections on the Quran. The book draws a more reperesentative picture of the Glorious Quran to remove satanic misconceptions brought about by those who felt the Glorious Quran conflicted with their interests. The book reveals not only the mysteries of the Holy Quran, but also develops a deeper interest in its understanding. P/B, U.K edition