A Concise description of "Islamic Law and Legal Opinions"

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Islam is an all inclusive way of life which covers the intellectual and the real, the theoretical and the practical. The major part of the Islamic code of practice and behavior is formalized in the discipline of Islamic law which established itself as a discipline before other Islamic desciplines. The early Muslim jurisconsultants are to be credited as the pioneers of the development of the Islamic legal system. Sheikh Mohammad Ibn Hasan Ibn ‘Ali Abu Ja’afar al-Tusi (385-460 AH/995-1067 AD) who was given the honorary title of Sheikh Al-Taifa Al-Imamiyyah (The Head of the Shi’a Islamic School) was at the forefront of these pioneers. His book Al-Nihayah fi Mojarrad Al-Fiqh wa Al-Fatawa ??????? ?? ???? ????? ? ??????? (A concise Description of Islamic Law and Legal Opinions) has been recognized as one of the major early sources, references and textbooks in the field of Islamic Law in general and of Shi’a Islamic law in particular. This book has been translated edited and introduces by Professor A. Ezzati and published by ICAS press UK.