A Divine Perspective on Rights P/B

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Commentory by Qudraullah Mashayekhi. Imam Ali ibnil Husein, Zainil Abideen AS, the grandson of Amirul Mumineen AS, penned a charter on human rights.The charter “Risalatul Huqooq”, unlike the UN Charter, is an altruistic treatise based on inalienable rights bestowed by The Almighty SWT Himself. The Imam AS as the interpreter of divine Will thus produced an epistle which if applied to the letter would make the world a much happier, securer and dignified place for everyone.The Commentary on Rislatul Huqooq expands and elaborates with verses from The Qur’an and ahadeeth from The Prophet SAWW and Aimmah AS upon the pithy sayings of The Imam AS about each right. For example,on the right of the stomach, the author quotes verses of The Qur’an related to eating food (21:8,25:7,80:24-26) that shows the depth of Imam Al-Sajjad’s knowledge because food has physical and psychological effects upon the human being.In the section on The Greatest Right of God,Imam Al-Sajjad AS touches upon the prohibition of drinking in Islam. In the commentary, the author discusses the effects of alcohol on the physical, mental and nervous system of the human being. The authors quotes a hadeeth of The Prophet SAWW regarding overeating and obesity, a malady that the US Government considers a national concern for it gives rise to cardio-vascular and other deadly diseases. The Prophet SAWW admonished human beings on over-eating that causes death of the heart just as over-irrigation causes death of fertile land. H/B Pg. 469